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Stay away!!!
4 Dec 2011
I have been with inkFrog for years and years - customer service is simply brutal. Their "support" staff is consistently low on the customer care scale. A repetitive answer is "log out then log back in again"
It seems that they make system changes, failing to think about what else that change may affect.
When listings fail (common by the way!) they always tell you that it must be something you are doing - yet when you go in to the failed auction screen, change nothing and click "launch", listings almost always go through.
Interestingly, many of the problems occur shortly after, or around the beginning of each month - coincides with the day they take out their monthly fee. (I've long wondered if they all go on a bender when they get paid, then start working again a few days later)
It is real sad, because this software could be awesome - but heaven forbid that you have a hiccup - as it is never a hiccup, rather a full-on illness on Inkfrog that totally infects your business
Maddening, especially if you make a living selling on line.
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