An extremely unprofessional company with poor systems

A review of Kyozou by alongtimepoweruser
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An extremely unprofessional company with poor systems
3 Jan 2012
Kyozou, on the face of it offered a good, feature rich, back office system, integration with marketplaces (eBay, Amazon and ecommerce site), personalised customer service at a mid range price.

Unfortunately, in reality, this was not the case:

Initial promises were not kept:
•There is no turnkey ecommerce site, while some extremely dated templates exist, an ecommerce website must be created from scratch.
• Implementation of an ecommerce site didn't occur despite waiting over two months
• Importing of items missed a lot of photographs and text formatting was lost

The back office system was extremely buggy:
• ActiveX makes the system very slow
• Kyozou is only compatible with IE on Windows (it is not Mac compatible)
• Poor design: The checkout system is very awkward to manage, several lists have overlap, the listing process is overly complex, very minimal amazon support, non-standard terminology, outdated templates

The turnkey ecommerce solution promised did not exist:
• The ecommerce solution is non-existant and has to be built for you by Kyozou, they will not accept an ecommerce template developed for you by someone else and will attempt to sell you their service for a high fee (over US$1000). I should point out that all of the example customers they showed me did not rank in the top 100 hits of a google search when I tested their search engine visibility using some pretty specific key words. They claim to provide SEO for an additional fee of several hundred US$ a month.

I was also assigned an account manager whose approach was one of the most unprofessional I have ever encountered. Apart from some off colour racist comments, unclear, overly lengthy discussions and general immaturity, he decided, without authorisation, to insert a Kyozou checkout link at the bottom of my listings. When I asked him to remove it he revised all listings with incomplete data as had been imported to Kyozou. This meant incorrect prices and descriptions on all listings. I told him in a professional manner this unauthorised activity was unacceptable and that there could be no further miscommunication, he proceeded to berate me and wrote that I should be thankful to him as my old templates were 'horrid'. After trying to salvage the situation several times and receiving childish vitriol back, (I have the emails to prove this) I ended the relationship. I was then left to salvage what was left of my business, fortunately I was able to do so in time for Christmas.

Slightly off topic, but Kyozou also has no method to open a facebook store (they suggested a third party option) or have a mobile compatible store.

To be fair they did implement, after several weeks, correct shipping label sizes at no charge.

My experience has been that Kyozou has little control over its employees and internal procedures, furthermore I have seen little evidence to suggest they have upgraded their systems in years apart from general patching (no one uses ActiveX any more). This I can deal with, but the authorised revision of listings on eBay has a material cost that is unacceptable to anyone who is in need of an inventory management system. If Kyozou cannot ensure their staff abide by this simple premise then they have no business providing this service.

Avoid at all costs.
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Re: An extremely unprofessional company with poor systems
5 Sep 2017

I have used Kyozou for seven years and have found the staff to be extremely helpful. I cannot imagine anyone who works there saying anything racist. They have always behaved in a professional manner. I have worked with Reid and Roman and both went above and beyond the call of duty.
Yes they may need to improve kyozou ( who does not?) but personal attacks like this seem inappropiate
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Re: An extremely unprofessional company with poor systems
28 May 2018
I agree, I have had nothing but professional, yet friendly service from Kyozou. I can't imagine my rep or technologist (Al and Roman) dealing with me the way this user was dealt. I'd agree with some of the points of outdated interface, but I just don't see anything against their customer support.
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