Looks fantastic, works ok. Get it free - legally

A review of eBay Templates Collection by justhappybuyers
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Looks fantastic, works ok. Get it free - legally
18 Jan 2012
Not that I am an expert but I have been searching unsuccessfully for a program on the web that will give me better looking templates than Listing Factory. Unless you are a designer this seems to provide access to the best quick-create, professional looking listings.

Uploading, and adjusting photos is a snap. Layout and formatting is all provided for. Automatic and multiple policy inclusion quick and easy.

The program is light, runs fast and is functional and pleasant to use.

The reason that I was searching for another program was because during the trial I did find LF to be a bit twitchy. I was getting a lot of error messages (that made little or no sense). This, the price, and the other reviews here, were enough to get me looking elsewhere, especially as it's functionality ends at the point of listing - no inventory, stats, message manager etc.

Nothing I have found could provide a better looking listing though, and this is what I was really after.

Then I discovered that you can get it for free on Trialpay. Don't panic moderator, this is a link to the LF site itself where it makes this offer www.auctionlistingcreator.com/...?templateurl=instructions.html

You do have to buy something from another participating seller- I spent €20 on printer ink that I would have been buying anyway.

Even if in the future I use another program for the post sale fuctionality, I can still see myself using LF to create the listing itself. So is it worth $50? Probably. But at $0.00 you can be sure I'm happy with it.
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