Bid-O-Matic Browser

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Bid-O-Matic Browser
12 Mar 2006
You were such a big help on my other question, can you help with another. Is there a way to change the time zone for the browser from MEZ to PST or to use Internet Explorer? Thanks Rich
Richard W. Shawver
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Re: Bid-O-Matic Browser
14 Mar 2006
Hi, the BOM browser actually is Internet Explorer, just within BOM's own window. The reason for the MEZ timezone is that it is going to eBay Germany rather than

You can click the "external browser" button to open the page in your normal browser, but it will still be eBay Germany.

This is what you need to do:

  • Close Bid-O-Matic
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Bid-O-Matic (or where you installed the program, if different)
  • Rename ServerStrings.ini to ServerStrings.ini.bak
  • Rename to ServerStrings.ini
  • Restart BOM

  • That tells BOM to use and should fix the problem!

    PS. A review of BOM would be much appreciated

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    Re: Bid-O-Matic Browser
    26 Jul 2007
    BOD is open source , however I could not find anywhere how to add a server from a country which is not in BOD yet, such as France ?

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