Great help for an eBay novice

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Great help for an eBay novice
26 Jan 2012
Have only been eBaying for 12 months and was constantly disappointed with loosing bids at the last minute due to slow computer and having to confirm my bid. Now I have made about 20 snipes which great success. Only time I have lost is when I have not had enough money to have the highest bid or the increment of my bid was not sufficient.
Saves me heaps of time logging in.......I can go out and let Bidnapper do its work for me. Takes the stress out of last minute bidding.
Cost is reasonable too.
Would love a bidnapper APP for iphone but using it through google on the iphone also works well.
Cannot recommend highly enough. Just wish all those novices would stop bidding up the price amoungst themsleves before I get to snipe!
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