fantastic system, so close to becoming a major player

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fantastic system, so close to becoming a major player
1 Feb 2012
where do i start,
if your a multi ebay seller & amazon seller then this system is literally going to save you hours every day. with a bit of training and getting to know eseller, you can be selling your inventory across many shops without the fear of overselling. you can basically set up channel profiles so the system will remove from sale as and when stock levels reach a certain level, and then put back on sale when stock arrives back in.
set up and implentation is fantastic, you will get plently of support in guiding you through the system and learning what does what.

good points:
eseller downloads ebay questions and you can respond in eseller (rather than keep logging into ebay for each seller). you can also save frequent replys.

downloads the orders every 15mins from the channels.

handles ebay disputes, feedback,

give a nice snapshot of sales. whether you want to see today, yesterday, this week, this quarter etc. also a nice monthly summary which tracks yearly progress.

downside of eseller
development, unfortunetly we have been waiting some time for a few new dev items.

all in all, eseller is a system which does ahell of a lot which many systems costings hundreds of thousands of pounds dont do. other systems may be slighlty stronger in 1 or 2 areas, but overall eseller would be a amazing system for all small to medium businesses wanting to focus on ebay & amazon
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