BrightPearl eBay Integration! 10/10!!

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James Marchant
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BrightPearl eBay Integration! 10/10!!
12 Feb 2012
Brightpearl has totally transformed the way we run our business in a whole host of ways. It has meant for the first time we have been able to bring all our sales from all sales channels together into one system. This means no wasted time fiddling between excel workbooks!

The Brightpearl eBay integration is without doubt the single biggest breakthrough in terms of how we run our business that we have ever had.

To have eBay sales automatically appear inside BrightPearl order management system without any need to be copying and pasting from eBay or PayPal emails is a massive relief and saves an enormous amount of time. The eBay buyer details that are automatically brought in to the system allows us to tie orders to a particular customer together over ALL our sales channels often saving the customer shipping costs. It also allows us to target specific customers with marketing material based on their sales history as well as providing a great service.

As well as this the Brightpearl eBay integration has FINALLY allowed us to implement a stock control system that is always up to date across all sales channels and provides a real time accounting system so we can track everything including purchases, sales and profit.

I highly recommend BrightPearl and the BrightPearl eBay integration. Having used most of the well known order management systems currently available, BrightPearl is without doubt the best and their eBay integration is the icing on the cake!!

James Marchant
Marchant Dice Ltd
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