Listing Factory - Using the Trial version - first Ebay auction posted

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Listing Factory - Using the Trial version - first Ebay auction posted
15 Feb 2012
Hi, Today, I downloaded and installed the trial version of the auction software Listing Factory. Previously, I was an AuctionSplash user but now support and development on that programme has stopped and the current version will no longer interface with eBay. I am an infrequent Ebay Seller, listing some 30-40 auctions a year but I frequently buy on Ebay. I have been reading the reviews of LISTING FACTORY and many of the negative reviews come from the pre-2010 versions. My perception of the reviews are about 50-50 in favour and against so in the end I decided to try the software because they have a 30-day trial version and this is perhaps the only way to see how good or bad it is. Installation went easy (I use Windows XP Pro SP3 on a 2GB RAM Dual Core CPU system) but despite downloading the version straight off the website, i was prompted to update to the newer version when I first ran the software. The version from the website was the 2011 version and the newer download was just a SETUP file with no version number. However, whe looking in HELP/ABOUT section of the programme after installation, I discovered that this newly downloaded and current version is and the download is about 30MB. For anyone who has encountered install issues, I usually close ALL open programmes and then disable my Anti-Virus before carrying out the installation and then after installation is complete, I reboot the PC and then clean up with CCleaner and then defrag using DeFrag Express. i recommend this process or something similar to ensure your installation is clean and error free. If you have an ADSL modem with NAT addressing, then you should be fine to have your internet connected with the AV disabled. The learning process for LISTING FACTORY is not that difficult if you have used auction software before. I now understand the creation process and the final listing menu is easy and will prompt you for anything you have missed or not entered to enable the listing to properly interface with Ebay when you finalise it. The upload process was fairly quick (I have ADSL + 1 Broadband with around a 300kbps upload capability) and when I checked the listing by closing the programme and opening INTERNET EXPLORER and logging into MyEbay UK, the listing was perfect with all the details and pictures correctly posted. I have 29 days left on the trial and the listing is a 5-day auction. My plan is to purchase the Standard Version at US$49.95 (around UKĀ£37.00) providing I find no real issues with the software. Anyone who wants to see the final output of my auction created and uploaded to Ebay UK using the Listing Factory software can see it by searching this auction serial number on Ebay - 360434453201
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Re: Listing Factory - Using the Trial version - first Ebay a
4 May 2018
is this still working??
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