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TWO THUMBS up for SixBit
29 Feb 2012
"I run a small eBay operation that has grown considerably over the last four years. I needed to switch software companies as the one I was previously using was full of bugs and provided little customer support and I could not afford the software instability.

So affter spending the last four months closely reviewing about about a dozen software companies and actually test driving five of them with their their 30 day free trials, I decided to give my business to SixBit. My decision was made quite easy and was based not only on the product SixBit provides, but also their level of excellence when it comes to customer service and care. These guys have EARNED my business hands down with their dedication to their product and their display of excellent customer support.

I have had to call on them quite a few times on a variety of issues as my type of business on ebay is slightly unorthodox with the products I sell and therefore my requirements of the software was quite precise. Right from the gate SixBit provided me with EXCELLENT customer support with PROMPT attention to my questions, phone support, remote access support with every request I made, and have been very open minded on software enhancements that I have recommended.

Conclusion: Thorough, fast, well written software, excellent customer service, promising future releases, and affordable. I cannot say enough about this company! If I were to rate SixBit on a scale of 1 to 10, I would proudly give them an 11! BRAVO SixBit!"
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