Terminated contract over 3 years ago & Infopia still running sales using old website

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Terminated contract over 3 years ago & Infopia still running sales using old website
1 Apr 2012
Following huge malfunctions, horrific lack of technical help, and failure to activate the Amazon listing component, a primary reason why we agreed to use Infopia, we terminated our account with Infopia over three years ago. Infopia didn't follow through with what they promised after we paid a large amount up front . We have changed our business name and created our own solution. Regardless, Infopia has continued to sell under our old name, selling merchandise in the old web store presentation three years after the termination. We repeatedly called, left messages (impossible to reach some one in person) and emailed that these unauthorized transactions had to cease, using all contact information provided by the current Infopia web site. No one from Infopia ever responded to our repeated demands to immediately cease selling under our old, terminated account. Infopia was collecting fees using the old exported items that they had with our closed account, selling merchandise that we no longer had, and using our old business name! They were also using pay pal to collect the money. They must have the ability to override any changed password, a tremendous breach of security in my opinion. We finally contacted the Attorney General's office. We spent a large amount of time contacting each buyer, explaining the illicit nature of the transaction, and refunding the money. The buyers were shocked! I would not have posted this message had it not been for the ongoing selling of products after we had terminated our account with Infopia and Infopia's unauthorized use of our pay pal account! But enough is enough! Others need to be informed about our experience so that can take immediate action should it happen to them. Sue
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