very cheap for what it does, but soon you will need keep on requesting additional features

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very cheap for what it does, but soon you will need keep on requesting additional features
14 Apr 2012
I sell on amazon and I used to spend hours changing prices manually. then a coconut fell on my head and thought I would Google a tool that could do it automatically. saw the review on this Auction Software Review wesbite and decided to give it a go.
very easy to use (for someone who has been using computers for 20 years plus!) and does what it says it does. I only use it for re-pricing on amazon. it is cheap for what it does and it pays for it self.

also very good customer support team based in NI. very friendly and prompt answers

HOWEVER there is 3 things i do not like about SellerExpress and i wish they could add these features:

1) pricing rules apply to your entire inventory or you can tie SKUs/ASINs to a particular group and give that group a particular price rule. for my needs I need to be able to set different rules to different ASINs. having groups will not help for my particular business case. for many ASINs i need to set individual pricing rules

2) Also this is a tool that only an owner/CEO can use as it shows how much profit is being made. If you need to rely on staff to update stock levels then you cant use this. It would be great if they could implement user access controls/levels. then at least I can get my staff to enter stock levels but restrict access to sensitive data.

3) when amazon becomes out of stock of something, and if you are also selling that same item, then suddenly you get a flood of orders. It would be grand if sellerexpress could detect if amazon is out of stock of an ASIN and then re-price my item to a higher price to take advantage of the situation. It can be done has amazon returns a "0" value when it is out of stock and a "-1" when it has stock. Im sure it is very simple to program this feature.

I know some other software can do point 1, but I do not know about point 2 and 3

anyway i hope someone at sellerexpress reads my review and implements my 3 wishes VERY SOON.
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Hi kakadanda
18 Apr 2012
Hi kakadanda,

Thank you for the kind words and your valuable feedback.

Could I ask you to PM us the email address you used to set up your SellerExpress account and I will get one of our support team to contact you about the features you have requested?


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