Best solution for me?

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Best solution for me?
20 Mar 2006
Just looking for some recomendations as to which software may best suit my needs...

- The main feature I am looking for is the ability to use multiple eBay user ID's as I will be doing auctions for multiple companies simultaneously.

- Will "catch" PayPal payments. Again, multiple eBay User ID's, multiple PayPal ID's used for multiple companies.

- Automation of launching of listings. I want to list item X...and when that auction is over I want to relist item X 2 days later.

- Reports would be nice, but are not a deal breaker as to which software I will eventually use.

Let me know what yall think.

Thanks in advance!

-Mark K
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Re: Best solution for me?
20 Mar 2006
Most ebay certified solutions can handle your stated needs one way or the other, however there are so many other things to consider.

Have a look at the solutions reviews on this site for a better idea, but its tough to reccomend something without knowing more about your business.

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