Gixen saves time, saves money, and cuts stress

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Gixen saves time, saves money, and cuts stress
13 Jun 2012
I've been using Gixen for just a short amount of time, now, and I wanted to share my experience with it thus far.

Before I knew what sniping was, I would stay up at all odd hours of the night, counting down the seconds of an auction that was about to end, and frantically struggling to place the last bid. Often, I would get so ahead of myself that I would type a wrong or invalid amount in my haste other times my computer would simply not place the bid fast enough, or lag to the point my bid never went through. It was stressful and inefficient... then I found Gixen.

Because of Gixen, I have been able to not only win important auctions, but save money and time as well. It's easy to go overboard for fear of being outbid those last few seconds, and spend more than you can really afford. It can be difficult to remain attentive and quick at 3 or 4 AM, and you can easily make mistakes, worrying anxiously about placing accurate bids in time.

At first, I was hesitant to use a sniping service, due to rumors of accounts being compromised, hidden fees, or other gimmicks I might not be aware of. But I can honestly say that with Gixen, this has never been the case. Not only is it free, but every bid I've scheduled on Gixen so far has won me the auction, and my eBay account (and me) has done nothing but gained from this. Gixen is secure, reliable, easy to use, and I trust it with my most important auctions. I love how you're able to group similar items together to increase your chances of winning an item, without having to bid on them all.

Overall, I'm very pleased with Gixen, and I can no longer imagine shopping on eBay without it. I'm so pleased that I eventually intend on contributing to the success of the site with the very reasonably-priced mirror service.

Highly recommended!
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Stress FREE!
29 Aug 2012
Likewise, I used to be up to stupid times of the morning (once did a heart-stopping 48hrs) and always felt very ill later. Before Gixen, I was overwrought, with my heart rate rocketing, and cold sweat dripping, during last minute bids. And with the sudden adrenaline overload, like you, I would also make mistakes, last second bids would get locked out, and I would start cursing the 'system'. Too much stress!

Now that's all a thing of the past. GIXEN allows me the freedom to remain totally calm, cool, and confident - and lead a much healthier life. I hope its philosophy continues indefinitely.
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