Definitely the best sniper service

A review of BidSlammer by golfseeker
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Definitely the best sniper service
7 Jul 2012
I have been using BidSlammer for over 2 years with great success! I have used some of the free ones and I don't mind paying a little extra for the nice smooth layout and extra features. Bid groups help me win items cheap. I have a trick where I use the bid group feature to put ridiculously low bids on a bunch of items. About 1 time in 6 or 7, I nail an item for a crazy low fee. It's tedious to surf and enter the bids but it pays off. I use the Slam-It toolbar so I don't have to leave eBay (it pops up a dialog and I just accept the minimum bid default.) I would not use eBay at all if not for this service, probably.

IMHO you can't go wrong with BIDSLAMMER!
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