A nightmare

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A nightmare
16 Jul 2012
This software is for large companies if your a small business RUN away. It is expensive, and requires a lifetime to learn and train others. It your a big business then fine it is probably for you.
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Solid Commerce
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Let Us Know If We Can Help
14 Oct 2013
Hi there! We're sorry to hear that Solid Commerce didn't work out...is there anything we can do to address your concerns or make the situation better?

We actually specialize in online selling for smaller and medium-sized businesses, and our business model includes a dedicated account manager for every customer so that smaller organizations can have an easier time learning the software.

Other than cost, was there anything about the Solid Commerce experience that you found particularly lacking? We'd like to try and make sure every aspect of our solution is easy to use, understand, and generally deal with (for companies of all sizes).
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Re: A nightmare
4 Apr 2015
@Solid Commerce

I also work with Solid Commerce. They virtually have zero support, no call back and have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales as their programs constantly drops our in stock listings and uploads things we are of stock on. . Oh, and we pay them to do this. Looking for another company as this one is a joke.
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