Barely fit for purpose

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Barely fit for purpose
27 Aug 2012
After a disastrous experience with Kyozou, we decided to give Vendio a try since their advertised features matched what we needed, it accessed the major marketplaces (eBay and Amazon), the software appeared to have legacy design issues but seemed to be updated recently and had received an endorsement from Skip Mcgrath (author of Titanium eBay) on more than one occasion. Despite the limited support offered, the lack of customisability in the product feed, limited Amazon support, and complete lack of international marketplace (both amazon and eBay) support, it was decided to press ahead since the other options offering similar services were much higher priced.

On the good side, Vendio's overall interface is easy to navigate and understand, product editing is simple and easy to master, importing from eBay was straight forward, the listing on eBay and the webstore was reliable (but there are free tools for this), shipping confirmation emails were reliable but had no HTML editor and they have Facebook & mobile compatible webstore.

The initial problems came with designing the website, Vendio offers several extremely amateurish templates with their website that could not be used, two web design companies were suggested by Vendio but their service was substandard and their pricing was above the market rate. However when our own in-house developer attempted to contact Vendio support for basic design perimeters no reply was forthcoming and he was forced to work by trial and error, increasing development costs.

But our biggest issue was the back office system, where items orders are processed. In the shipping page there are tabs labelled:

Needing Checkout
Needing Payment
Needing Shipment
Needing to Clear Payment
Needing Acceptance

Theoretically, when orders are placed and paid for they should be marked "paid" & appear under the "Needing Shipment" tab, however, around 20% of eBay orders are not properly synchronised with eBay and appear as unreconciled under the "All" tab. This means that you have to verify each eBay order by clicking on it and then clicking the "update from eBay" button to force synchronise from eBay it get the orders marked properly and even this does not always work. This essentially doubles the time you have to spend processing orders and makes the entire shipping platform not fit for purpose. Orders placed on the Vendio webstore and Amazon do not appear to have issues.

Another major issue is that the webstore checkout does not load sometimes, with the word "loading" appearing and a spinner constantly spinning, so customers can place orders. Once this problem lasted an entire weekend. Also there are misdirects to the Paypal page, so people can't pay. I've had at least twenty complains on this over a two month period.

Getting a useful CSV for how many products you sold would only give you a list of individual sales, but would not give you a total that you could email to your supplier for example.

Other issues include:

• Long load times for Vendio webstore pages
• Limited Amazon support
• Customer support making empty promising and half-hearted efforts
• Amateurish templates for eBay
• Amateurish webstore templates
• No support for mail service (Fedex, UPS, USPS) label printing.
• Limited listing revision capabilies on eBay, hardly any for Amazon
• Cannot export products to CSV
• Limited flexibility for discount code, can't single use codes for example.

Basically, its easy to set up and get going, but once you are, it doesn't work to an acceptable level. From a time POV, you would spend less time logging into eBay, Amazon and your own website than using Vendio and doing that is more reliable than Vendio. The checkout issues make Vendio a costly affair that negates whatever you might save on the service fees. As a stepping stone from say inkFrog or Auctiva to ChannelAdvisor, I would skip it entirely. Vendio is dated software that will cost you money, especially...
Kudos: 306
Joined: Dec 10, 2011
The last part of the sentence is missing, it should read:
27 Aug 2012
"Vendio is dated software that will cost you money, especially if you use the back office systems"
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