Fashion Conscious Pre-Pensioner - Now Fully 'Trending'.

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Fashion Conscious Pre-Pensioner - Now Fully 'Trending'.
29 Aug 2012
I have finally paid the 6$ - out of a sense of embarrassment.

In the past, I used Gixen occasionally but lately, in the last few days, I have been really loading the GIXEN system by bidding on more than 20 items at a time: Armani, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Lyle & Scott, Berghaus, Adidas, Nike, Levi, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Giorgio, Paul Smith, Jeff Banks, Feit (handmade Italian trainers), Yohji Yamamoto (very expensive Japanese high fashion trainers), Kawasaki (ditto) and Airwalk, have all suddenly come within reach.

Without the benefit of GIXEN I would never have acquired these fashion names (even though I appreciate good quality), but thanks to your superlative bid sniper service I am now ‘trending’ and making a ‘discerning’ statement with the best of them.

I do not subscribe to buying what I regard as overpriced articles of fashion footwear and clothing, but with your assistance, I have now become a fully-fledged ‘last chance trendy’. Thank you Mario.
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