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eSellerPro USA customer
5 Sep 2012
We signed with eSellerPro in June of 2012. Our previous provider was Infopia. We chose eSellerPro after we researched our options and considered them to be the best option for our needs. As a company we are looking to expand into Amazon UK and eBay UK, manage multiple warehouses, stock and shipping from one service and eSellerPro assured us they are the company that can make that work. As a company, eSellerPro is based in the UK and is actively expanding into the USA. We are writing this review to outline our experience so far with eSeller and point out pro’s and Con’s related to our experience with eSellerPro so far.

As with Infopia, the pre-sale communication with eSellerPro was good and our sales representative was responsive and knowledgeable about the functionality and capabilities of the software. We ship UPS Worldship12 and USPS through Endicia and use Quickbooks 2012 Enterprise for accounting.

With Infopia we needed to use Thub as a third party shipping solution to process our orders and import however eSeller was confident that it could accommodate these internally.

As a USA seller using eSellerPro, below are the issues we are having with integration

CON - Support is on UK time, this is important to note as the only time we can communicate with our implementors directly is either in the middle of the night or the first hour of the business day (9am) pacific. Communication is good when we can connect. The prefered way of communication is through Skype and gotomeeting which is effective. A side note is that during the pre sale process we were promised an implementor that would be on our time schedule and available during our business hours. This hasn’t happened.

CON - The software runs on Java and depending on your current Java version you may have to uninstall then reinstall a previous version of java for the software to run on your computer without issues.

CON - The process to save or refresh the data on the screen is confusing and glitchy.

CON - Inherent issues with time and weight due to being based in the UK. It is not immediately clear to the user what times to schedule listings for.

CON & PRO - you have product details, listing templates, postage templates, auction templates, shipping profiles, currier profiles and other templates and profiles that work together to create and manage a product and the way its listed. It can be very confusing as to what template or profile should have what information. This is confusing to new users however I feel the ability to customize these fields in so many ways will eventually be a pro as soon as they are understood.
PRO - The software can import your current listings and inventory directly from eBay saving time withh manual data entry.

PRO - we have integrated the software with UPS worldship successfully
CON - however we have issues with the software updating the marketplace with tracking numbers causing us to manually do this for every order by hand.

Pro - The software is extremely customizable with importing, exporting any information
Con - We need to manually export end of day shipments to CSV then manually import them into quickbooks, they do not integrate with quickbooks directly.

If anyone has any question please ask and we will do our best to answer them.

I will be adding updates to issues and other issues and observations as they arrise.
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