Could have been promising, but....

A review of Selro Multi Channel by barbiegal7
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Could have been promising, but....
8 Sep 2012
Like others, I was searching for a product that would allow inventory management between Amazon and eBay, a feature that seemed to only be available in VERY high-priced products. Selro was very inexpensive, and, as they say, you get what you pay for. Thank goodness for the 30-day trial, because it doesn't take long to figure out it's worthless.

First problem is their HUGE lack of technical documentation. There is very little if any support documents to help you through the set-up process. There are some random questions from other users that they have posted as a way for you to find similar issues, but not many. Their response to support questions takes far too long when you're trying to get through basic set up, and you find out that, after five or so questions, the answers begin to come slower and slower (Google reviews for Selro, and you'll find a really good one that highlights these same issues). Some questions they don't answer at all and, in fact, close the support ticket unanswered.

Undeterred, I would reopen the ticket, asking why it was not answered, and as far as I know, some still sit there open, unanswered, after weeks. One issue seems to be that the same person answered me every time, who I later found out is the creator of the program. One man cannot do it all alone, my friend.

Eventually, they stopped responding at all no matter what the question was. Apparently, there is a limit to their support questions, but what it's a closely-guarded secret how many that is.

The question that really seemed to bring the conversations to a screeching halt was about the length of time it was taking Selro to update Ebay and Amazon when a sale was made. I would notice a long stretch after something sold on one channel before an update was made on the other - sometimes several hours, sometimes not at all without a manual sync. Even after a manual sync, it sometimes wouldn't update, plus if you have to manually sync everything, what's the point? Considering I sometimes sell a product several times in the course of one hour, this could leave me with a lot of overselling on one channel or the other.

With no answer from support and nothing in their documentation that indicates how long it takes, I finally told them I was done and gave up. I was beta testing the product for three other companies as well, so not only did they lose me, they lost three other potential clients.

I have since gone with Linnworks, and WOW, I can't believe what I was missing. Yes, it's more expensive, but it also does the job it's intended to do, accurately and quickly updating quantities amongst all channels. Their support documentation is outstanding, complete with video tutorials and a support forum where you can ask questions of other users.

Do yourself a favor and don't cheap out - until Selro gets their act together and maybe hire some support staff - and improve their product - it's not worth the hassle.
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