Fly by night feel, glitchy, slow to load pages

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Fly by night feel, glitchy, slow to load pages
13 Sep 2012
I have been using the site for a while and decided today it is time to dump these loosers. Their site is very glitchy. Everytime ebay does an update everyone knows about in advance except these guys. Ebay updates criple the Auctiva site for days.They are always very unprepared. Their customer service is slow and sometimes unresponsive or up to 48 hours. That is too long for me to wait when I am trying to run a business. Their e-commerce attempt is pointless. Their underperformaing e-commerec stores are not worth the time they take to set up. I definetely know. We sunk way too much time into their auctiva stores attempt. It is very un-editable and plain. It winds up looking like a 5th graders school project. The worst part is I am a high volume seller and bult my business up using this site. Now all my pictures and info is stuck on this site and they don't have a way to create a simple CSV. It almost seems like a 5th grader is running this site in his garage. I would not reccommend this site to my worst enemy. It would be too bad for even them.
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