Beware of the Sales Director!

A review of Tradebox by Tim Chorlton
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Tim Chorlton
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Beware of the Sales Director!
27 Sep 2012
A real slick performer.

Not interested when we finally realised that the product was not for us and it did not do what we were led to believe.

We were admittedly outside of the 30 days of the initial install (but not 30 days after the 5.3 update).

Sales Director very hard to get hold of and did not return calls.

Caveat Emptor.
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Negative review from Tim Chorlton of Divine Audio
30 Sep 2012
Tim this is simply not true. You changed your mind 3 months after purchasing an annual licence. Your request for a refund was turned down because it was outside of the 30 days policy. You then accused us of miss-selling you the software and threatened to rubbish our reputation if we didn't accede to your request. I have sent you the email trail of questions and answers prior to your purchase which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that every question you asked was answered truthfully and also that the advice given fitted your requirements at the time. Clearly these requirements have subsequently changed and you want us to assume responsibility for your choices. Because we have refused you have posted negative reviews on several platforms, as you threatened to do.

Caveat Emptor indeed! If you don't get your own way everyone can beware.
Accounts integration for online retailers
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Tim Chorlton
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No No No - Let's get this right!
1 Oct 2012
1) You told me that this would replace Linn works on version 5.3
2) We purchased the software and waited for 5.3
3) 5.3 came out, we implemented and realised it could not replace Linn Works.
4) John (your technical guy) also confirmed that he did not see Trade box as a replacement for Linn Works.
5) We asked for a refund on several occasions - only you were allowed to do this and you were difficult to get hold of.
6)I am not out to kill your business, just point out that you are a modern Arthur Daley.
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Karen @ Glue Galore
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Re: Beware of the Sales Director!
13 Jan 2015
I have found the sales director to be very easy to get hold of and very open and honest. We have a great working relationship.
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