I can't believ this still only has 2.5 stars!

A review of AMan Pro by Fernando
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I can't believ this still only has 2.5 stars!
4 Oct 2012
18 months ago when I first started to look for third party software to list on Amazon UK I saw on this forum that AmanPro only had 2 stars(at the time) so though it must be rubbish and tried all the other ones (though not SellerPro which is supposed to be THE best but is way too expensive for us.

Eventually, we tried AmanPro (mainly for the repricing and templates) and found that it worked better and was much more extensive then its competitors. You can do everything through Amanpro and never go to Amazon's website. Yes, there are things I would like done differently but then you are talking about a customized solution which costs big bucks.

Support is very fast indeed at all times of the day and night (although it often seems a bit jaded as if they have answered too many dumb questions for too long and maybe this is what has so annoyed the negative reviewers here) and there are so many features that we do not use a lot of them. A lot of thought has gone into this software.

Obviously, there is a learning curve otherwise it would not be so extensive. Just invest a whole day to working it out.

There are a few things I think could be done differently such as a more modern user interface but then I've never come across a bit of software I thought was perfect.

All in all I think it still deserves 5 stars and is probably the best cheap(ish) solution at the moment for Amazon UK or US. If a better one came along then I would try it.
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