Life Just Would Not Be The Same Without Seller Express

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Life Just Would Not Be The Same Without Seller Express
8 Oct 2012
Wow! sums it all up. Seller Express has transformed my business. I now have over 10,000 Amazon listings and dont have to worry about pricing or stock levels. I could never keep control of all these products without Seller Express and belive me over the years and working for various different companies I have tried all the different software companies.

Channel Advisor and Eseller Pro our "Expensive" so called experts in thier field do not compare. They take part of your profits as payment for thier service, a percentage that none of us in ecommerce can afford to lose, the mark ups are so tiny anyway. Also I have found with these other companies there is no individualism.

When introducing any new software there can be teething problems but the Support I recieve from Seller Express is fantastic. I have never been left waiting more that a couple of hours, everyone is very friendly and has full knowledge of the system.

Seller Express is like my Personal Assistant, it does all the running so that I can get on doing more important things. We are a small company but Seller Express is helping us to grow steadily.

Seller Express controls pricing, inventory, stock levels and sales order processing. It really is a dream come true for ecommerce business like ours that continally strives to provide our customers with the best possible service.

All in all is it the perfect one stop shop for multi-channel software at affordable prices for businesses that dont have big budgets and if you did have a big budget you would still be daft not to use Seller Express.

Thank you to all the guys at Seller Express for being so patient with our implimentation and for your continued support. Especially Colin who must have got sick of me at some stages:-) Thanks again guys you and your software have made my life so much easier.
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