Great Product, Amazing Service, highly recommended

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Great Product, Amazing Service, highly recommended
19 Oct 2012
So here's my honest SixBit Review. I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and have been stuck with Blackthorne for years. They have a horrible product and even worse support. For a long time I searched for something different that could work better. Then I found Sixbit. Sixbit is clearly better than Blackthorne in every way.

When I found Sixbit I was primarily interested in the inventory management control they offer for running eBay listings. Since we sell around 6000 products on both eBay and our website keeping track of inventory was a nightmare with blackthorne. Blackthorne cannot help you pull down out of stock items and relist back in stock items. With Sixbit Enterprise edition keeping an accurate eBay inventory is easy - nearly set it and forget it with Sixbit's allocation plans. For $50/month I was hesitant but it has improved my workflow significantly.

Next, handling things like item specifics through blackthorne was problematic since they don't even keep the product up to date to reflect when eBay added new item specific fields. I couldn't import item specifics from csv files. With Sixbit I can import everything I need through csv spreadsheets which makes my life much easier. 6000 products contain a LOT of data and with Sixbit managing it in an easy way has been great.

Most important however, is Sixbit's customer service. Not only do they answer all my questions quickly but they actually go above and beyond. Blackthorne customer service is lousy. The forums are lousy and the staff responses slow or non-existent. Sixbit is the complete opposite. Sixbit is responsive, helpful, and available.

I recently had an issue with a feature I wanted for editing running eBay listings in bulk. I wanted the ability to bulk edit descriptions. The exact feature I was interested in was to be able to match my running eBay item descriptions with changes I made in the sixbit product database with just one click. They told me they would look into it and within a day Sixbit added the feature I wanted. I was very impressed and happy. That kind of service really makes a difference me as a small business owner.

Sixbit's product is great and service is better, I recommend them very highly.
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