Sixbit 5 STARS for both Product and Service

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Chuck Noble
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Sixbit 5 STARS for both Product and Service
25 Oct 2012
Often left out of reviews is the nature or number of items a seller may offer. We generally offer between 2400 and 2750 items at any given time, we have been selling on ebay since 2001, full time since 2004. For most of that time we used Auction Wizard 2000. Going into 2012 I began looking for a package that would be more automated then AW, offer more features, cleaner look and one that was moving forward ad evolving. In SixBit I found that and even more.... so much more. First of all the constant flow of updates, the ear behind the emails listening to your request for features and responding with rational answers. There is little doubt in my mind that the engineers and minds behind Sixbit understand my business and have done what I am doing. With AW, much of what I had to do was a "work around", with SB, that isn't the case.

In the beginning I transitioned with 2400 active listings, I committed a 3 days to learn and work with SB, it was after the holiday sales season so the timing was perfect. The best compliment I can give SB is that it has cut my listing time in half. It has reduced my auction management time significantly. And each and every month the product gets better. If you are an AW user you understand it's limitations, for me the database crashes, rebuilds, reindexing etc... are all things of the past. To date, over 10 months in Sixbit has NEVER failed, NEVER. That's time and money. One of my AW licenses was a lifetime $75, purchased back in 2001. I went from paying nothing each month for auction management to paying a monthly subscription with Sixbit. You know the saying, you get what you pay for. My Sixbot money is money well spent.

That said, like any package there is always something that you may want that isn't offered. For me it's the ability to print inventory labels on standard AVERY sheets instead of some special label printer. If the folks at Sixbit are reading this.... maybe I'll get my wish. If you sell at the level I do I can highly recommend Sixbit to you for your business. Take it for a test drive, I can almost guarantee your satisfaction.
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