Can't trust it.

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Can't trust it.
8 Nov 2012
Gave it a try and it seemed to work pretty well, so signed up for 10 snipes (need to save either $20 or $2 per snipe to justify it). Gave it a shot on an important auction, something i had been looking for a long time, starting bid 4 grand. Turns out there were no bids AND the snipe came back with ERROR saying something was wrong with EBAY or the auction. Called the seller and found that, no, he had just not gotten any bids. Good for me, but if i had just relied on Bidnapper, i would be spending possibly another 18 months looking for my item.
I wrote bidnapper asking for explanation a week ago but got no reply.
I like the concept and the UI but if you can't depend on it, that is pretty much the crux of the biscuit.
I have no interest or connection to any competing product. I am just a regular, sneaker-wearing folk that has been disappointed.
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100% agree
15 Dec 2012
Same exact thing happened to me. Bid was queued up and this **** software said it failed. I would not trust it with anything you really want.
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