SolidCommerce RUINED our Business!!!

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SolidCommerce RUINED our Business!!!
8 Jan 2013
The staff is completely incompetent! They created more problems than they solved! They had the worst response time, and did not include any literature with our purchase! They only gave us about 10 hours of customer service support and expected us to run a multi-million dollar e-commerce company with that! They expected that we be mind readers and figure out the rest ourselves! They cost us thousands of labor hours and during the integration period our sales dropped dramatically. If you are in business to make money steer clear of Solid Commerce!
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Review shouldn't be ignored
23 Jan 2013
This review shouldn't be ignored. This person is angry, as angry as I have been when I've discovered another unfixed glitch in the system that has cost us lost revenue. I don't blame them when you think it works perfectly but you discover some time later there is a problem.

We have had experience with bad customer support, unfixed issues, lost revenue, and integration woes. Some instructions I received for kitting were incoherent AND incomplete as I later found out when my account rep told me he didn't include the last step.

I hope their business wasn't ruined. We have ReBOUNDed and recovered, but I can probably blame some of the lack of growth (25% compared to 100% the previous year) on our integration, glitches, and lack of training.
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I'm Pretty Pissed Too
31 Jul 2013
Solid Commerce has the worst communication I have ever dealt with...we've worked with 2 different reps, and both seem like they have the biggest attitude in the world. I agree with this post-- you literally feel like you're begging Solid Commerce to help you. The last I checked, I thought I was writing them the check?

Stay clear from these guys-- at all cost. We spent over $10,000 with them over a year and a half (we're a pretty decent size seller), and it just left the most sour taste in all of our mouths. I would challenge that any of the positive reviews on this site aren't from employees of the company themselves. I'm shocked if anyone actually has a positive experience with these guys. Worst e-commerce solutions provider. Period.
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im concerned about which provider to choose
1 Aug 2013
I have be listing 3k+ different products on EB and AZ monthly and still not sure who to go with.. Can anyone recommend a provider? I sell clothing

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Seller Cloud?
1 Aug 2013
i'm checking out Seller Cloud right now.
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Solid Commerce
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Addressing These Issues
14 Oct 2013
Hi there -- we're quite sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant experience! We're really committed to making sure our customer experience is exactly what it should be, and are very concerned with making sure we address the problems you've mentioned here.

Currently, our business model includes unlimited interaction with a dedicated account manager, as we want to make sure everyone is able to use our software to the best of their ability.

We're very sorry that you found our support program to be inadequate. We know it's been quite some time since you gave us a try, and we apologize for the delay.

If you're at all interested in getting in touch, we would love to talk about finding out a way to compensate you for your experience, and hopefully make Solid Commerce worth your while. Feel free to direct message us any time.
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