Look no further: GIXEN has to be close to the best ebay bidding service out there.

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Look no further: GIXEN has to be close to the best ebay bidding service out there.
13 Jan 2013
True, i have not tried them all. But i have been an avid eBay buyer since the turn of the millennium, and i have tried MANY OTHER sniping software services. All of the others eventually let me down. Gixen NEVER HAS. I am here to stay. Here is why I like it:
1. It is simple. Just copy the Item Number in the listing, paste it into GIXEN, and enter your bid.
2. It works all the time. At least it has for me.
3. It is free.
4. It transmits my ebay username and password SECURELY.
5. If you ever need help with the service, which you probably will not, Mario is super.

I am normally a cheapskate, BUT with GIXEN, i HAPPILY pay the minuscule $6 per year for the superpower GIXEN MIRROR service. Here is why i do that:
1. I get fool-proof, redundant bidding power. If all the electricity and the whole internet go down in Illinois, GIXEN'S back up server in Florida wins me the auction anyway. Even if there is just an internet glitch in Chicago, i win from Miami.
2. Set it, and forget it: Multi-Win Group Bidding. I can bid simultaneously on, say, seven different auctions for a camera battery i need. And i can set GIXEN to stop bidding on the remaining auctions after I have won, say, two of them.
3. You can enter personal notes on each auction in the COMMENTS bar. I use that space to write in the shipping fee, and anything else i feel important to remind myself of. I do this in case i am outbid early in the auction--it allows me to evaluate whether to increase my bid without having to go back into ebay and look at the listing all over again.
4. I want to help keep this sniping service in business! I do not have time to go out again and try a bunch of other services and software until i find one which meets my needs and WORKS consistently. And how much would i have to pay for that? GIXEN does everything i need it to do.

If you are on the search, i recommend that You try GIXEN for free, and then later, if You feel the way i do about it, that You upgrade to the $6-a-year Mirror service and help make sure GIXEN stays around. I, for one, am getting more than i am paying for.
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