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Be very careful
18 Jan 2013
We took our business over to 247topseller nearly 2 years ago. We were trading very successfully at the time and growing hence the need for an automated solution.
247 promised a lot of features which led us to believe this was the right solution for us. We sell on eBay and Amazon and integrating with 247 was the worst mistake we ever made. After 6 months of chasing them after we had paid the set up fees they still hadnt done the integration. They then managed to delete all our over 5000 amazon listings completely. We worked through several nights to restore them and then their system started missing orders from amazon which got our amazon account suspended. No apology just a " well it's only a small problem " from them.
eBay was never integrated at all. So we couldn't list through their system. When we protested and refused to pay the monthly fees after a year they blackmailed us by saying they felt they were done and they would delete all our inventory if we didnt continue paying.
At this stage we were locked in to their order processing and couldn't leave without an alternative so had to concede. After 18 months they lost us our second amazon account which we had finally built up from scratch again by sending the shipping confirmations too late after despatch. Again no response to our pleas for help.
This was the final straw and we moved to a real solution provider and went manual for a few months rather than stay with 247. In my 12 years in online retail I have never come across a more unprofessional company. Their is no service and no semblance of responsibility as a software provider. We wish we had never met them as they cost us a good business over 2 years which we have had to struggle to rebuild. We wasted a lot of money and more importantly time with them and hope nobody else has to go through what we did.
Only contact this duo with their team all in India if you want to ruin your business. The best time with them was the day we switched their system off and could finally stop having to beg them to fix yet another bug on a Monday morning with all the warehouse staff waiting to be able to start work.
Good riddance.
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