Decent, Time-Saver, but has issues

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Decent, Time-Saver, but has issues
23 Jan 2013
Will save you A LOT of time if you are not currently using an inventory management system.
After initial investment, VERY inexpensive monthly fees.
All-in-one solution (inventory, packing, shipping)
Barcoded packing slips
Ability to print pick lists with storage locations
Inventory kitting

West Coast hours restrictive to East Coast customers
Mostly bad experience with account reps
Unresolved glitches
Little to not training literature/media available.

DESCRIPTION: Solid Commerce is a multiple channel inventory system. Using spreadsheets your feed your listing and inventory data to SC and they feed it to sites such as Amazon (AZ), eBay (EB), and 3DCart (3DC) and update inventory and pull orders from those sites.

OUR HISTORY: We do approximately $300K in sales. Prior to adopting SC we used a spreadsheet to keep our inventory, rather poorly I might add, between retail, AZ, EB, Etsy, and our website. We used for shipping our goods. We had to give up Etsy when migrating, but they have said we could possibly hire them to integrate us with Etsy. Migrated 3/12.

TRAINING/MIGRATION: You are assigned an account rep to train you via GoToMeeting. There is very little literature or media to reference. There is still a lot about the system I have never used or been trained on. There is a steep learning curve. However, once you get it, it is definitely helpful keeping up with your inventory. Migration is painful because you have to take all of your existing data and put it in the spreadsheet.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We requested a new rep after working with our first for several weeks because he was condescending and rude. Our second rep was wonderful and he was promoted. Our third rep is horrible. We rarely have phone interaction, he doesn't follow up when he says, solutions are not finished even close to his estimates, our emails go unanswered for days, and we still have unresolved issues that seem relatively basic.

PACKING/SHIPPING: We had to switch from to Endicia, which we're not a fan of because let us see the shipping estimate before printing and that helps us figure out if our shipping is set incorrectly, and SC/Endicia doesn't have the APO/FPO completely right. You have to create a bunch of rules that process your packages and once you do that, it thinks for you. YOU CANNOT BEAT the barcoded packing slips. Basically you scan the barcode, hit enter, and the system pulls the order, weighs the package, and prints the label. AWESOME!

LISTINGS: We have found that the system isn't perfect or fully integrated to feed to AZ, EB, and 3DC plus we didn't receive enough or adequate training on doing so. We haven't been able to feed parent/child listings to AZ with success (it could be our fault but instead of waiting indefinitely to get the help we needed we directly feed to AZ and let it pull into SC), our "Calculated Shipping" rule NEVER shows up on our EB listings even though it is in SC so we have to fix all new and relisted listings manually, we have an issue with pictures and shipping weights showing up incorrectly on 3DCart, when a variation goes out of stock on 3DCart it doesn't auto relist that has to be done manually. Same with ebay. These problems have cost us revenue.

INVENTORY: This is a tremendous time saver. We upload our inventory and it tracks sales and removes sold inventory. We LOVE the kitting ability so that we can input a single inventory item, like a 12-pk and sell it as a 1-pk, or a 2-pk without having to piece it out ourselves. Some parts of the system like manual and mobile order entry don't work.

OVERALL: The price is right even with the quirks. We have identified them and know the workarounds, although we wish it were better. We looked at ChannelAdvisor and found it would take four or five different systems pieced together to do what SC is doing for us at $700+ more per month. I'm not sure how big they are, but I've decided to stay a ho...
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Addressing the Issues (Pt. 1)
14 Oct 2013
Hello, and thanks for the very balanced (and thorough!) review. We always appreciate feedback.

In terms of your support experience, we might be able to help you out. We've got a dedicated support site ( with a lot of literature and reference materials.

We'd love to dialogue with you via private message about your experiences so that we can deal with the more negative ones internally.

The shipping estimate issue is tied to the way we integrate with Endicia. We're developing a way to get these quotes to display accurately, and will post an announcement soon.

We've upgraded our system to support the AFP and FPO issues much better, though we were definitely having some issues with them in the past.

(To be continued...)
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Addressing the Issues (Pt. 2)
14 Oct 2013
(...continued from previous response)

Your listing issues with AZ, EB, and 3DC might be tied to a certain type of merchandise (or, more specifically, its weight). We'd be happy to chat with you on the phone to find the root of that issue, though.

Same goes for parent/child and variation listings. Our dev team has worked out a lot of these kinks since January, and we'd be happy to spend some time on the phone with you, breaking it all down.

Shipping calculations can be tricky when web stores support decimals. We're working hard on a solution to that issue.

Similarly, images can be tough because each webstore has unique requirements (marketplaces like eBay and Amazon do not, which explains the 3dcart issue).

If there's anything I've left out here, please...let us know. We're happy to talk with you on the phone or via email, in the hopes that we can iron out any issues you might be experiencing.
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