Ok Service Inexpensive and Reliable sometimes

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Ok Service Inexpensive and Reliable sometimes
28 Jan 2013
I have been using it for 6 months and it has helped me increase my sales by taking my eBay items onto Amazon. That being said they are somewhat inconsistent. I have to "baby-sit" them and check to make sure they are properly keeping my items the same on eBay and Amazon. I have caught a lot of their mistakes. Over the 6 months I have had to contact them quite a few times when items sold on Amazon were not removed from eBay. I also have had inconsistent issues with my items on Amazon because they seem to not always have it synchronized correctly. I have over 12,000 ebay items. I have contacted them 4 times in this 6 months where less then 3,000 of eBay my items were listed on Amazon. They put the blame on Amazon but I did my homework in all the circumstances and Amazon did not have any known technical issues all 4 times. I guess for the $99 it's an average service but I think they need to improve on it some. They get back to my e-mails usually within 48 hours. I personally feel when I have improper inventory synchronization that is too long to wait. I want to keep my loyal customers happy and selling them an item we no longer have is not a good way to establish trust from your customers. If a better solution, that I did not have to keep checking up on came along for $149 I would probably switch. At this point not many compines offer this service so I am kinda stuck
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