Gixen allows Ebay Snipes you need nothing else

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Gixen allows Ebay Snipes you need nothing else
1 Feb 2013
Hi all, we have been using snipes on eBay for about 7 years. We have used pretty much all of the snipe sites out there that include HammerTap, eSnipe, redsnipe, Auction Sentry, auction sniper, ezsniper, auctionsniper, goSnipe, JustSnipe, Bidnapper, BidSlammer, and many others that we trusted to keep our login and password safe. When you give a company your ebay user and password, you could compromise your account and subsequently lose control over your ebay account, so trusting the company you select to do your last minute bidding is important. While all of the companies mentioned above charge very little to do this last minute bidding, the rewards of winning something when nobody presumed you would bid on that item far outweigh giving anyone and the seller the clue of your interest. When a seller knows that some people have bookmarked their items, some sellers will get their shills ready to bid and force you to bid higher and higher. Sellers normally post items very low in price so that ebay does not make a dime on them, rather than being charged for reserve price or posting an item close to what the seller hopes to secure in a single bid. As the trend goes on ebay, is that most items that are of good interest to the public, the bidding wars start in the last 5 to 10 seconds. Those that have not figured this out, will bid twice to secure an item, since the last bid amount is not disclosed by ebay. Once a seller knows that his item is being bid on for top dollars, then a shill will go and bid higher than the true interested party and will retract the bid before the last 12 hours, this way the seller knows what that high bid is for. I am not saying that all sellers are like this, in fact it runs in the minority, yet this practice and many others on ebay will always be. As a sniper for many years, we have tried them all, and then started to bid on items there at ebay with JBidWatcher a true free downloadable program that was developed by Morgan Schweers (CyberFOX Software). Morgan was the one to suggest we try Gixen,( which I felt was the developer of Gixen). Once we tried Gixen, we never use anything else. Gixen has never failed us, where the rest mentioned had issues with one thing or another. We don't know if the rest have improved or offer better services now, yet we feel no reason to stop using Gixen on anything we wish to win and on items we hope to lose yet win for cheap! I'd say we spend around $1,000 per month on ebay, yet it generates income when it sells. So sniping has never been easier and no more of those last minute excitable moments trying to get your last bid only to find out you lost as your bid did not get in on time. Snore away and never have to babysit your desired ebay auction good.
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