Great service at an even better price (free that is)!

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Great service at an even better price (free that is)!
9 Feb 2013
I use Gixen for my eBay auction snipes and even though they say that there might be a 0.5% chance of the sniping server being down or of ebay errors, I never had a problem. I've used it for 5+ snipes over several months and I won all of my auctions. You get their sniping service for free by logging into your ebay account from their webpage, which is secure. You have the option to buy the mirror service in case something goes wrong with the main server for a measly 6 dollars per year, which I cannot review because I do not snipe often enough to need that service. Once you sign in you have the option to import your watch list from ebay and active auctions will show up with just a click. Then simply set the amount of your max bid and you are done. You can also change the time before the auction ends that you want the snipe. The interface is not too colorful or easy on the eyes but it is simple and frank. I tried auctionsniper and it does have a feature that gixen lacks -- a "reBid" feature if you are not the highest bidder. Maybe the developer will put that in future updates. But overall, it is a great free service that you can use over and over to win auctions and save money and time!
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