Gixen: easy and useful!

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Gixen: easy and useful!
25 Feb 2013
I am new to Gixen. I have both placed early bids AND sniped manually on eBay for a long time. But I got the brilliant idea of giving my husband 24 Jerry Garcia ties for our 24th anniversary, and I was growing weary of staying up till all hours to check on the most-desired items. Gixen has been reliably great and has placed winning bids for me on about eight Jerry Garcia ties so far. It's so easy to use, and I'm finally getting some sleep!

But I've been pleasantly surprised by an unexpected side benefit. In the past, I have placed early bids on eBay only to regret it later. Gixen allows me to have my cake and eat it too -- I can pick out the item early on and place a tentative bid, but delete it later if I change my mind. This is a helpful feature if, say, you find a psychedelic orange Jerry Garcia tie that you are SURE will make your husband smile, and you're all set to bid on it. (Great, then go to Gixen and place your bid.) Moments later, you find an even BETTER psychedelic orange tie! (Great, then go back to Gixen, delete your last choice and input the new one.) Pre-Gixen, I would have ended up with two orange ties. Now, I end up with just the one perfect one.
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