Avoid at all costs

A review of Volo by kamal
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Avoid at all costs
14 Mar 2013
We signed up for this system in Oct 2012, told it will take around 2-3 weeks to get the system implemented and ready for use. We are now mid March 2013 and we are still waiting for the system to be implemented. 5 Months and we are still chasing them to find out when this will be completed.

They stopped answering phone calls, refused to complete the implementation, contacted the Accounts department who were very disrespectful, then they brought in an account manager to fill us out with excuses and buy themselves more time. He took the issue over a month ago, we agreed targets and due dates but these dates meant obviously nothing to them and nothing has been done to our system to complete this implementation since. He even stopped answering phone calls and hardly replying to my emails.

Support ticket system, again no replies for any tickets, high or low importance. So for the money you are paying you are not getting any support.

The system is very slow, it takes anything between 3sec to 2mins to move from a page to another. When asked, they said oh you should not have to use this pages of the system!!! (they were inventory pages by the way)!

Initially, asked us to add custom labels to all our eBay listings - we have thousands of them and we spent a huge amount of time to do it and had an email confirming that all was fine and inventory is now ready to use about 4 months ago - looked at the inventory and it was full of duplicated listings, with our without custom labels - even listing that have been deleted months ago were imported into the system - nothing was mapped and until today they have not fixed the issue!

We have just had enough of this and passed all details to our legal assistant to deal with and get our money back as they refused to refund even though they admitted fault but wants to force us to wait and accept all these unreasonable delays.

Also, it is too expensive, they request a min of £600 a month, plus percentage of your sale - it is a horrible system - you go through the training, and the trainer will mention at least a few fields that are mi-represented and named incorrectly - many redundant functions that are just their but no-one knows what they are!

The experience I had with this guys is shocking so for anyone thinking of signing up for this system, my honest advice do NOT.
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1 Apr 2013
Hi Kamal,

Good of you to leave this review. Having the exact same problems with them at the moment so it is reassuring that someone else is having the same experience.

I am going to PM you now to see if we can help each other at all. If any current or potential ESP customers want to PM me for more information on our experience, you are welcome to do.

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Thanks for the info
10 May 2013
Have seriously been considering this company but been put right off now. I've heard a few horror stories now.
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