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Happy BidSlammer client
23 Mar 2013
I have been an eBay buyer and seller since December 1998.

I discovered BidSlammer not long after I discovered eBay. At the time the service went by a different name because there were two complimentary services running together at the time.

I remember beginning to use the bid sniping feature and becoming very excited about the concept of unattended, last second bidding which would place my very best bid to win. I recall hoping that BidSlammer would still be as good after the services split up.

Well, I can say that BidSlammer continued to improve and be an awesome service.

Bidslammer has saved me a small fortune over the past 13 or 14 years by striking my chosen bid right on target at just the right second before closing, to win every auction that was important to me.

My first giant step with BidSlammer was a winning a bid over eleven years ago on a Lexus ES300 at $3,000+ under wholesale book value. The car was located in Orlando, Florida. My son and I flew from Syracuse, NY to get it. It turned out out to be a great car for many years. In 2007 I did another big snipe. It was once again a Florida Lexus. Again, BidSlammer saved me several thousand dollars on a great car.

Besides cars BidSlammer has saved me a ton of money on scores of other purchases that I didn't even have to pay attention to in order to place the winning bid at the very last possible second to bid.

I never buy on anything on eBay anymore without using my bidding sidekick, BidSlammer.com.

BidSlammer is the number one, must have, best eBay buyer's tool, ever!

Thank you BidSlammer!


Darryl Sanford
Syracuse, New York, USA
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