Do not sign up to Channel Grabber!!!!

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Do not sign up to Channel Grabber!!!!
18 Apr 2013
I'm extremely busy at work and I really dont have the time to write this. But I'm soooo frustrated with Channel Grabber that I have to get this off my chest.

First of all you get promised everything under the sun. I even brought up the fact I've read a lot of negative reviews online about Channel Grabber. But they have a very good salesman called Chris who promised me that they have invested heavily in customer service etc and that all the issues I've read online had been sold. What a lie this was.

It took them ages to get everything set up and I kept calling to get training but they were too busy.

I found lots of bugs in this system, but it was mainly the customer service I had a problem with. After a couple of weeks of using the service I realised I wouldn't get the support I needed to help use the system properly. The software might be very good but you dont get the training and support to help you use it.

So I said I wanted to leave and cancel my subscription. You sign no contract so this shouldnt be a problem.

So I explained why I wanted to leave and a week later I heard nothing. Then I kept trying to leave and they kept saying someone would call me.

Eventually an arrogant man called telling me that I shouldnt leave because he will personally train me and be on call for whenever I need help. It was extremely rude and wouldnt take no for an answer. He then admitted that they don't have enough staff to help everyone but he would deal with me directly. So I get told be Chris the original salesman that they had solved the issue with staff and customer service. But then this gentleman admits they have some staff issues. But he is the king of the company and he will be able to help me 24/7.

Eventually they agree to let me cancel the subscription. But you guessed it. They still charged me at the end of the month for the next month. I then have spoken to them at least 5 times and each time they have promised me the refund is on its way. But still no refund in my bank. It looks like I'm going to have to contact my bank about getting the money back from Channel Grabber.

My advice would be I wouldn't go anywhere near this company. I wasted £150 to use this product for 2 weeks! And even then I didnt get proper training to use it. Please Please Please!!! Use another company. I'm not a competitor writing this. I am a good honest businessman who got conned! Please dont do the same.
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