A priceless partner in your business

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A priceless partner in your business
7 Jun 2013
I have been a user of Linnworks for around 3 years now, and I run a business that sells mainly on ebay and Amazon, but also on play and a couple of websites powered by Big Commerce and Amazon Webstore.

Before signing up to LW I looked at Channel Advisor, Eseller Pro and Channel Grabber. The 1st 2 charge a % fee (about 1.5%) and the latter has heavy set up costs.

Linnworks is free to trial - they definitely stand by their product. Its like my right hand man in my office - my faithful friend. It works, and its fast. I have all the amazon channels syncing, and had no overselling (the whole point of the software). What I love is the auto sync runs while you are asleep, but in the morning will tell you if its encountered any problems - typically ebay will time out or through up some issues, so its tell you it retried and resolved any issues!! Brilliant!!

I wont go on about the features - they are all there. I want to highlight 3 great features:

1. Returns console.
Its a seamless return, exchange refund console that manages your stock level based on how you handle the return - so you can scrap it or put it back into stock etc or give a partial refund or exchange for another item.

2. Service
It really is second to none. They recently moved into new premises in Chichester, and have taken on lots of new staff - all techy people who can sort out your problems. If they cant straight away, they look into it, sort it and always call you back. I once put up a ticket at 10pm at night (it was a long day at the office!)..I was amazed to see an answer from Peter at 11pm ish...the guy does not sleep!! I am not sure if they have a 24hr operation, but I was well impressed!

3. Linnlive listing system. Especially good for amazon - you can search the amazon catalog by barcode or keyword, and list you inventory fast....

Its a great system, and if anybody wants to look at my set-up, I am more than happy to offer any advise. I dont work for Linnworks, but I consider them my #1 partner in my business. A well deserved 5*****

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