Program Full of Bugs - Uploads the wrong photos - Non-Existant Support

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Program Full of Bugs - Uploads the wrong photos - Non-Existant Support
18 Jul 2013
Beware of joining inkFrog. The program is totally unreliable. It uploads to your listing other photos you have from other listings, NOT THE ONES YOU UPLOADED for that listing. In other words, you could have a totally random photo for the listing.

There is a supposed Chat room. But they are either off line, or if it shows they are online, they mail back a link to the Support Tutorials. IN OTHER WORDS NO SUPPORT AT ALL.

The Showcase, which is one of the reasons I joined, NEVER updates. It keeps to 4 listings no matter how many you have.

OF course they don't return phone calls, there is no one there. And the program is full of bugs, and no one is there to fix it. TERRIBLE PROGRAM
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Inkfrog Scedualer is 15 minutes off, Lists pictures at random in other listings
26 Oct 2013
I agree when I scheduled listings Sunday night they never go on till 15 minute after time or not at all....They tell me its Ebay but if I go in I can take off scheduler and list manual fine, so its there system...I have been with for years and ever since they started using new complicated system they seen to not care about regular system or may want you to change over........On a listing that goes off and sold...if I delete pictures they just replace at random with other extra pictures I have...and they deny this even if shown proof....
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