Multichannel fulfillment on Auto Pilot - Set it up once and forget it.

A review of AutoMCF by Jim@RCS
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Multichannel fulfillment on Auto Pilot - Set it up once and forget it.
19 Jul 2013
We needed a dependable program to handle our Multichannel fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) that does not expect you to give up a percent of sales as commissions but works on a flat fee. After looking at the options available we found AutoMCF.

Set up was very easy and within a few minuets our FBA inventory was live and synchronized with eBay and Rakuten. As you know it is nice to hear the eBay cur-ching on your phone but what is even sweeter is to know that Amazon is shipping it for you because in the background AutoMCF placed the fulfillment order with Amazon and synchronized inventory.

If there is a problem with the address and Amazon rejects (i.e. PO Box for an item requiring street address), you are immediately notified by a cute email from AutoMCF saying "Huston we have a problem ....". This gives you time to check the PayPal shipping address and supply corrections or contact the buyer for a fix.

Another undocumented feature we use is when eBay sends an email that we closed a listing and I know it was closed by AutoMCF it serves as a notice to me that my inventory at Amazon dropped through the bottom from a large sale allowing me to act upon it even before Amazon sends the once a day replenishment alert email.

For those with one off units I would not recommend any synchronization program. This type of a program is for quantity items that you continue to stock and have back stock. While AutoMCF has never let us down there is always the "Murphy's Law" chance of two buyers hitting the button at same time on different platforms and within milliseconds you could have a conflict.

We love this program so much that we have two subscriptions for our two Amazon accounts and will purchase a third for the Amazon UK FBA account as soon as UK synchronization is available.

Buy it, set it up and relax. AutoMCF has you covered.
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