Great product, great support, pay per use

A review of BidSlammer by winterfloridan
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Great product, great support, pay per use
25 Jul 2013
I have had no problems with BidSlammer at all. I held off leaving this review until I used it for a few months, to be sure....but it is just great! I use BidSlammer for our consignment shop and to manage our purchases without having to go to eBay to "check in." It's way faster than other sites we tried because you can update like 50 bids in one click. Other services, you have to change one snipe at a time and it's not worth it. Also the site is really fast in loading pages which is something you don't see much of any more p Keep up the good work guys.
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4 May 2014
I joined bid slammer, put a bid on, and theeBay item ended with zero bids.
I missed the item which I could easily have bid on manually but didn't want to outbid myself, believing I'd already bid though bid slammer, which said my bid was confirmed.
Then I tried sending them an email and the server said 'waiting for server'' for about ten minutes. The email wouldn't go.
Then I logged into my bid slammer account again to see what happened to my bid. The information that had been there before, that my bid was confirmed, had disappeard as though it had never been there. There's no history on my profile that indicates I ever made a bid.
If you don't want to lose your item, use another sniper.
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