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Best features out there
16 Aug 2013
I had been using bidnip for years and though the service worked ok for simple single item auctions, it lacked features that are really helpful.
Have you ever wanted 1 item and there were 10 of them that you could bid on ? With most programs I tried it was bid on auction "1" see if you win, then set the snipe for auction 2 .. and so on.
with Myibidder you can "group" as many auctions as you like, tell the program how many of them you want and then go enjoy your day. myibidder snipes each auction and if you win the number that you have set the group for it stops.
I recently wanted to purchase a case for my cell phone. I found 6 of them that I liked and grouped the auctions. myibidder sniped each auction and when I won the 3rd one it stopped sniping. This feature alone makes it the most valuable sniping tool out there.
I would highly recommend you give myibidder a try !!
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