false advertising

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false advertising
24 Aug 2013
A lot of bad advertising claims with a "as of 2006" disclaimer. what? I feel misled as I paid based on info 8 years old and probably not true anyway, Gixen isn't the first company to do multiple snipes or servers, easily confirm-able by just emailing them
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Mario Vodopivec
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21 Sep 2013
You are probably referring to the "Compare" page that compares Gixen to other services?

All that information was accurate for the most part, with very little changes to date, which I checked again and now updated. The only significant difference I could find is that one of the services no longer exists.

Gixen *was* the first service to offer multiple snipes. Not sure if this is still the case today, but back in 2006 I am certain of it.

If you feel misled, contact me for refund, I'll gladly issue it.
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