Excellent mulichannel management software in UK

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Excellent mulichannel management software in UK
3 Oct 2013
we have started using Channel Grabber around six months ago , we have contacted many other companies before choosing channel grabber as i had very bad experience with 247topseller they have changed their name to 247commerce !!! and we lose , lot of sales and money

eventually we end up with channel grabber , i have read the review of others and found that they have serious issue training and he is right upto some extent that there is some training issue going on , but their support team is excellent and they can guide you for almost anything. One of the main reason about selecting channel grabber , it is damm easy to use. I never have to wait for support line in last six month as they are always available on phone support.

one of my guy learned channel grabber and update listing on all market places in three days !!! this is something that you can not find in any other software as this is a very easy to use and smartly designed software. there are some features which can be easily understood if we call channel grabber. I am bit more technical as i am in this field for 5 years but even if you are new it wont take more then 3 days for you to understand all its function.

now i am using channel grabber at its full force and requested tons of feature in six month .. guess what most of my request has been approved by management of channel grabber.

If you are looking for the cost effective and EFFECTIVE and smart way to manage your listing then ChannelGrabber is the way forward

- Immediate impact on your monthly sales
- Saves your lot of time of copying same thing here and there , you can increase your product category in no time and its available everywhere
- technical support line is excellent and best thing is you can call them , no need to wait for ticket and reply !!
- they are always ready to listen to you .. ask them and if you need something
- excellent ROI
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