Wish I had signed up to Channelgrabber sooner!

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Wish I had signed up to Channelgrabber sooner!
4 Oct 2013
Like many ecommerce retailers I started with e-bay and as my business grew I added my own website and then started selling on Amazon. My main problem became Stock management as I was having to buy 2 lots of stock one for Amazon and one for eBay to avoid overselling and spent hours moving stock around between the two.
Looked for a system which would synchronise stock to try and free up some time and apart from ChannelGrabber many were out of my budget. Took probably a year to finally sign up as there was always something else going and I was concerned I would not be able to cope with the system as I am not particularly good with the technical side of things.
Once on board Channelgrabber could not have been more helpful, took around 2 weeks to get SKU's synchronised (mainly because that involved input from me and I had to find time to add skus to my ebay stock). So advice to anyone considering Channelgrabber - if you don't already use sku's on ebay then use your Amazon skus and start adding them.
A few little issues along the way with set up - mainly down to my lack of understanding but Zoe who is Channelgrabbers Implementation & Training Specialist was with me every step of the way .
As soon as system was live I could see benefits and I then added my EKM website which was very straightforward.
I can really only comment on the Stock Management side of things as that is the reason I signed up but there are many other features which the system offers.
Feel confident going forward that any issues will be dealt with quickly by Zoe or "the tech guys" so have no hesitation recommending Channelgrabber Multichannel Management Software!
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