Great stock control system.

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Great stock control system.
11 Oct 2013
We started with Channel Grabber to manage stock across multiple platforms and are really pleased with it. This stopped us having to have different stock for different market places. Channel grabber does this really well and allows us to quickly change and manage our stock levels. It also gives us nice tools we did not expect such as the ability to provide one consistent (automatically generated) invoice across market places and it provides a picking list to speed up order picking.

There were a few initial glitches (as to be expected when moving to a system like this with over 2000 products) but the customer service team sorted them all out quickly and they know what they are doing. They are constantly improving the system and the little changes we see from time to time always make it easier to work. The latest move to a better server has improved things further making the system much faster.

The menu driven system is easy to use or it is easy to upload .csv files if you prefer.

The system does what it does very well, the only down sides would be what it does not do. It would be nice to see addon's for accounting software, better stock ordering management, and a way to tell how fast an item is selling etc things that are offered by some other providers. However these would just be nice extras, channel grabber provides an excellent core system that is easy to use and that so far has proved pretty reliable.

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