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Empowers a small business
17 Oct 2013
We have been an eSeller client for 3 years and did a lot of research and demos of alternatives before taking the plunge. As a small specialist mail order company we had enjoyed fantastic growth online from our established websites but were playing catchup with our competitors with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. We needed something to help us push into these markets while maintaining good customer service.

As i am sure many of you will appreciate when you run a small mail order company the staff have to be very flexible and wear many hats. This combined with juggling various admin control panels, stock inventory and phone calls can make for a very stressful office & warehouse environment! eSellerPro has a steep learning curve and is pretty vast in terms of control panels and settings. However once the training is complete and you get to grips with the system, the power it provides in one single application, in my opinion is top class.

The only real negative i have that drops one star in my review is the older Java requirement may cause some larger I.T newtwork admins some security issues and also a strong internet connection is required (one of our offices had 2meg which is painful). Page loads can also be a little bit laggy in heavier areas of the system, but nothing to really be a deal breaker.

We had previously used MNP OrderActive Mail order software and our own OScommerce powered websites. It was a big decision to drop these and move across.

The pricing is not cheap and many will gasp at giving away sales margin, however if you do the maths and look at what you are currently paying for decent server hosting, support, web development and various other web marketing costs, it actually starts to make more sense. That combined with the fact it does the work of at least 2 people in the office...

In my opinion , if you have the commitment to throw everything into one system and rely on it to run your business completely, you will not be disappointed. It does take a leap of faith and will take some getting used to, but once running smoothly you will be slick, efficient and seamless. You can relax and focus on what matters to all of us - selling more products and making money.

We use eSeller support regularly when we make changes to the system , add more websites or require some unusual customisations and always get a pretty decent response time either via ticket, live chat or Skype.

I would recommend to any retailer who is not afraid to dig in and undergo the (fairly extensive) training and needs something to help give them the edge in an increasingly demanding and tough ecommerce industry,
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