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great product and service
29 Oct 2013
First of all let me say the system itself is very sturdy and the variations display very well and simple and are easily viewable in comparison with other Multichannel System's this is the best by far in terms of displaying variation products and also simple products (no Variations).

They currently integrate with pretty much every major on-line store (eBay, Amazon and and the majority of webstores such as Magento Big Commerce and even a few custom made ones too so there is no need to worry about connecting to current and existing market places.

Pros of Store Feeder-
-Support team always find the issue or resolve it one way or another
-Includes listing management for Amazon, eBay and Magento (Amazon one saves so much time, highly recommended)
-The stock control is very easy to use and updates fairly fast
-Mapping products is the easiest and best way by far from any other multichannel system used
-Order management is simple clear and has support for RMDMO file export methods for us Royal Mail customers
-HAS A VAT OPTION (20%,15% etc) that actually works and unlike most multichannel this can be done by the user and not from the back end system.
-Mail order/Telephone orders are very good even has a postcode checker which is great pre-fills address field in
-The most important one for me is he display of the products as most channel do not separate/group variation products bit with a few thousand SKU''s it gets messy, so StoreFeeder groups them all best I’ve seen and used by far with a doubt.
-Customer Database of email address etc
-Drop Shipment
-Warehouse management (if you have more then one warehouse
............And Loads More.........

Con's of Store Feeder- not all systems are perfect and even the best have limitations or cons
-The stock sometimes does take quite along time to update but depends
-Support tickets sometimes take a long time to respond (however they do get all answered)
-Sometimes can be slow responding, saving pages etc. However due to be web-based it could be your own internet sometimes.

I have literally tried every other solution in the same bracket such as (Channel Grabber, Linnworks) Just let me confirm I am not slating them at all but channel grabber promise everything and couldn't organise a pub crawl (to put it nicely) and Linn works want you to pay in order to start up by having training sessions and I've had 4 trials and still have no idea on how to use it.

Just let me confirm, we are currently a Customer of StoreFeeder and trade as ShoeStation Direct.

eBay Store:

Thanks, Sam
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