Webstore is an effective & easy-to-use eBay marketing tool for eBay sellers

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Webstore is an effective & easy-to-use eBay marketing tool for eBay sellers
30 Oct 2013
Any eBay seller will tell you that eBay is quite a competitive platform where sellers must work tirelessly to get ahead. That’s why sellers are constantly looking for eBay marketing tools that will help them gain an advantage in this brutal marketplace.

That’s where Webstore comes into the picture.

Webstore is an app developed to offer a solution to three common problems that every eBay seller faces:

1. Getting traffic to your listings, especially when you aren’t ranked high in eBay’s search results.
2. Having an aesthetically pleasing page where you can show potential buyers all your eBay listings.
3. Having a short custom URL that you can promote your eBay listings with.

There are a few ways sellers deal with these issues. Some sellers simply open an eBay store, so that they can have a short URL. Other sellers get custom design templates for their listings to make their listings more inviting. But most of all sellers try to find ways to improve their rank in eBay so that they will rank higher in eBay’s search results.

But Webstore offers an all-in-one solution for all the above issues.

1. It creates a beautifully designed store-front for your items so that you can finally direct potential buyers to a beautiful page where all your eBay items are displayed.
2. It is optimized for search results helping you get more traffic to your listings.
3. It provides you with a unique & short domain so that you can easily promote your Westore in emails, social media and even on printed marketing materials.

That’s why Webstore is one eBay marketing tool that is a must-have tool for all eBay sellers with over 10 items.
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