Atandra T-Hub is an Outdated Mediocre Program with HORRENDOUS Support!

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Atandra T-Hub is an Outdated Mediocre Program with HORRENDOUS Support!
21 Nov 2013
We used T-HUB by Atandra for a couple years and it's a decent program but it has a multitude of problems and the company has no idea what customer service or tech support is. We have run into problem after problem and when requesting support (which you have to pay a few hundred dollars for), it literally takes them days to respond, if they respond at all. Many times, we don't receive a response and have had to hire other programmers to fix the program. Considering we have to pay additional fees for support from Atandra T-hub, having to pay other programmers to fix the program is absolutely ridiculous! What little support we did receive, was extremely limited and not very helpful at all.

Atandra T-Hub a very simple program for a very small business that doesn't sell much online. It's extremely outdated and you won't find very many features at all. Don't expect to use this as an order manager or strong shipping solution, otherwise you're setting yourself up for disappointment and headaches! There are much better options out there, honestly. My suggestion is to find a better solution. Don't waste your money on this outdated program and definitely don't waste your money on paying for their support!
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Re: Atandra T-Hub is an Outdated Mediocre Program with HORRE
5 Apr 2015
@Online Seller If you don't mind me asking, which alternative platform did you move to? I've been doing a trial of T-HUB for the last few days, but after reading these reviews, am reconsidering.

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